SEO Case Study


Sell restaurant fire suppression systems online

Weapons/Methods Used:

SEO – ranking the website in Google for highly searched keywords that would bring buyers to the website.


This was a unique project because of the nature of the industry and the product being sold is considered hazardous material. By law in the U.S. all restaurants that utilize a commercial kitchen must have a fire suppression system that meets specific safety and fire codes. Typically the customer would go to a regional fire safety business to purchase a system. The regional dealer purchases the system directly from the manufacturer and turns around and upcharges the customer significantly raising the price. Since the federal government controls who has the licenses to sell these hazmat products, this leaves very little options to the customer. This website, whom the client is a certified fire safety professional, has the certifications and licenses to sell directly to the consumer just like the manufacturer. This allows for a significant discount for the customer. 

Research was conducted and highly searched keywords were found that would bring a lot of traffic to the website. Because these highly searched keywords were unique in nature to the fire safety industry, it was highly likely that the traffic coming from these keywords would be buyers looking for more options on how to purchase these systems. The website is ranked highly on the first page for these keywords bringing traffic to the website.


As of summer 2017 the website generates 50-60 quotes/month for fire suppression systems and also generates anywhere between $8,000/month to $12,000/month in gross revenue.