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Increase Exposure

Deploying online marketing strategies is the easiest marketing strategies to pull off in comparison to other strategies. In addition it is also highly scalable and has the ability to pay off huge dividends when used properly. Increasing your exposure online gives you the ability to bring in leads and customers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Increase Revenue

We focus on increasing your revenue. That means everything we do is purposely to help your business make more money. Watch as your business grows and taking your business to new heights. We love being a part of this process and love making our clients happy.

Grow Customer Base

If you aren’t growing than you are dying. We not only assist in growing your customer base but through extensive research we find your dream customer and we place you in the most advantageous position to market it to them in hopes of them becoming your client. We find out everything about your industry and exactly the types of customers you need.

What We Do


We are solely focused on ensuring you get an ROI on your hard earned money. Don’t throw away money on marketing techniques that are a waste of time, don’t work, and outdated. Marketing your business online means getting customer acquisitions while attempting to decrease the acquisition costs.

We Are Partners

We have a complete open door policy while having exclusive time with us to voice any of your questions, comments, or concerns. We don’t want to be strangers to you we want to have a great working relationship with our clients. You will be given multiple ways to contact us including our personal cell phone numbers.

Monthly Reports

We can send you reports either monthly or bi-monthly whichever you prefer. In addition to reports we will also be letting you know of any news-worthy information regarding SEO and how it may affect your business. Lastly we will offer recommendations to you and assist you with securing your business online.


We are not just competent at SEO but we belong to many different mastermind groups filled with the best online marketers/SEOs in the world. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what is not, and what is less effective in the industry. We take dramatic measures to ensure we stay on top of our industry and being our client you directly benefit from it.

Our Services

Services Overview

Need to get traffic to your website? Or are you looking to use paid advertising to leverage your position? Maybe you need somebody to manage your social media accounts? We can do it all. We only provide profitable online marketing campaigns that maximize your return and deliver results.

Full Service SEO

We not only specialize in ranking websites, we specialize in dominating the entire page! We can rank many different web properties including YouTube videos, Facebook pages, business directory listings, and many more.

Web Design

Whether you have a current website or not is okay with us. We can build you a new one or modify your existing website. We ensure websites are not only mobile-friendly but convert visitors into leads as well.

Reputation Management

Don’t allow somebody to smudge your good name or brand online. Ranking websites gives us the ability to flush out the negative sites that give your company/name a bad reputation.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing can be tedious work trying to keep up with all of the social media accounts associated with your business. Allow us to take on this burden so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Form To Call

Our unique software turns your contact/quote form leads into automatically generated phone calls! This means you can be connected to your lead while they are still on your website and ready to be sold to!

Worry Free Contracts

Don’t get locked into a long term contract ever again! If you don’t like your results, just let us know you will cancel. Why pay if you aren’t getting results?

We Do It Ourselves

We don’t outsource any of our work or use black hat tactics. Everything is done in house by trained internet marketing professionals.

Search Engine Optimization

We dominate Google and the search engines to bring you customers that are just waiting to be found and be serviced by your business.

Web Design & Optimization

Whether your site needs a new design or a total makeover we specialize in creating high converting and mobile-friendly websites.

Internet Marketing

Leverage the web by using multiple techniques such as social, email marketing, and other guerilla tactics to explode your business to new heights.

Our Results Speak For Themselves


Look at the results below. These results could be yours. We look forward to doing the same for your business.

Pgh SEO Expert

We are true Pittsburgh SEO Experts

Lead Generation Expert Pittsburgh

Lead Generation Expert Pittsburgh

Quality Leads

Call Report – 66 Quality Leads Generated Under 30 Days

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Pittsburgh Limo

What can the Best SEO/digital marketing in the Nation
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Todd and the team at Newked really knows their stuff to a T. I've been seeing GREAT results by applying their tactics into my own business.

Patrick Babakhanian - Domain Seller

I was approached because of an issue with my website. The team at Newked were very professional and now I not only have a brand new website, but I have WAY more customers!

Vince - Towing Service

Working with Todd I found him as a person with great experience and deep wisdom of modern business solutions. He is careful and precise when exploring lead generation strategies and opportunities.

Victor Lugo - Consultant

Pittsburgh SEONewked is all about blowing up businesses in the sense of increasing your web presence, your rankings in the search engines, and most importantly your revenue for your business. We aren’t your typical¬†Pittsburgh SEO Experts!

Newked is not just a search engine optimization company that ranks websites. Our focus is business development through revenue growth by leveraging the internet. We make the internet work for you. Customer acquisitions and sales are what really grow a business. Rankings don’t always provide revenue. So what are we saying? We are saying that we focus on business growth by utilizing online marketing strategies. In most cases, this does include SEO. Search engine optimization is just a strategy which, it is not the only strategy that we have at our disposal to help grow your business. Any SEO expert should know that every business and industry is different, therefore using multiple or a combination of online marketing strategies is important. One of the strategies that we are capable of doing is having absolute and total control of an entire market. We are one of the few Pittsburgh SEO agencies who have the knowledge and expertise to rank multiple web properties in order to maximize exposure to a given market or industry.

Why should you look into getting search engine optimization or other online marketing strategies? Well the internet is full of people searching the web for your products/services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting your business exposed to the right customers using the proper strategies will ensure that your business gains new customers and sales. The best and quickest way to having a successful online marketing plan is to learn more about you and your business. Head on over to our Discovery Page and fill out our short questionnaire. We would be happy to create you a fully developed game plan to assist you in growing your business and taking it to new heights. Call us today at 412-927-1725 to begin working with the best search engine optimization experts in Pittsburgh.

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