Facebook Case Study


Generate leads for Float Therapy Spa

Weapons/Methods Used:

Custom Facebook Ads & 2-step Marketing Funnel.


We created a custom Facebook advertising campaign using a 2-step marketing funnel. Once someone on Facebook sees the ad, if they are interested and click on the ad they are taken to a landing page where they are presented with a contact/optin form. If they wish to take advantage of the offer (discounted Float Session) they must submit their contact information. Once they submit the contact form they are automatically redirected to a thank you page explaining how they could redeem their offer.

If the person doesn’t provide their contact information or doesn’t optin for the offer, we can re-market or re-target them back on Facebook with a secondary ad enticing them to take advantage of the offer. The secondary ad will follow the person around on Facebook until they decide to take action. This can be done because they clicked on the ad initially which, allows us to identify them specifically through a unique Facebook pixel and that allows us to continue to market to them even if they didn’t optin for the offer. This means that once your prospect enters our funnel they can be marketed to on a more personalized and unique level in order to entice them to take advantage of the offer.


This campaign for a Float Therapy Spa yielded 40 leads in a 4 day time span at a cost of $0.89/lead. That is under $1/lead! If the campaign would run continuously for 30 days we estimate the Float Spa would conservatively generate 100-150 leads/month.

The Average Lifetime Value of a Float Spa customer is between $700- $1,000. If we conservatively say that the Spa has a 30% closing rate, that would equate to 30 new customers/month based on 100 leads and would generate about $21,000/month in value to the Spa based on the Average Lifetime Value of $700.